A Creatively High Efficient Biological Binding Assay Reagent

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A Creatively High Efficient BiologicalBindingAssayReagent (BBAR) is researched and manufactured in bulk for Red Blood Cells etc. extract/separation, a molecular glue to attach red blood cells to the surface of microtiter test wells. It is dark green to black powder, non-harzadous, more than 15 years shelf life under room temperature if sealed, easily soluble in deionized water/alcohol,when buffered, it will greatly improve the biological binding/immobilizing potency.

One of the BBAR's application situations is in deionized water, such as SinoeraChem's BBAR 0.3g/L H2O, 5ml of ( 68.67g EDTA2Na.2H2O(MW372.239936)+ 5.15g EDTA4Na.2H2O(MW418.219472) ) /L deionized water solution, or 5ml of 68.67g EDTA2Na.2H2O(MW372.239936) /L deionized water solution. The final pH is very important for different usages.

SinoeraChem's BBAR can seperate out the cells, proteins, antibodies, virals, etc. with good specificity and antigen potency.

SinoeraChem's BBAR can be used to produce dried cell monolayers, good negative indicator cell pellets.

Plates manufactured with SinoeraChem's BBAR has good direct antiglobulin test results and indirect antiglobulin test results.

The SinoeraChem's BBAR do immobilize human red blood cells to the surfaces of polystyrene microtiter wells. The human red blood cells do adhere to the BBAR's coated wells, the red cells are more easily binded on the surface of the wells with automated plate washers.

The final PH of the BBAR's solution is important for the proper serological detection of acidic glycoprotein antigens on the surface of human red blood cells.

SinoeraChem's BBAR is especially with active component suitable for greatly improving immunological binding ability(binding/immobilizing cells(red blood cells, whole cell, platelets,neutrophils, all relevant blood group antigens, such as Duffy and Kidd blood group systems, etc.) or proteins(antibodies,viral proteins,etc)etc.) immunological assays.

Our BBAR is with the phenazine/anthracene formula structure: R1(+)R2(-); when it is buffered with some volume of solution of EDTA2Na.2H2O+EDTA4Na.2H2O + deionized water or EDTA2Na.2H2O + deionized water, it also has well controlled acidity or alkalinity which is very important for capturing the cells or proteins.

Solid-phase immunological assays can be fulfilled by applying SinoeraChem's BBAR.

SinoeraChem's BBAR can be utilized as a cellular binding reagent in one of the immunolical/diagnostic/life science manufacturing processes.

SinoeraChem's BBAR can be applied as a biological binding agent for stem cells.

SinoeraChem's BBAR can also be applied as a conductive material which can passes the electricity since our material contains inner stable positive charge.

For specific applications, please contact us for details.

Published on October 16, 2019

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